Weam Zaky

Research Associate
Department of Biological Sciences
Ford Hall
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 585-3457

Weam is currently a Research Associate in the Williams lab at Smith College. Weam received her Master’s degree at Smith College with Dr. Steven A. Williams. DSC_0080
Weam She works on several projects in the lab such as gene expression studies of Wolbachia, RNA-seq projects to study gene expression, and generating and refining molecular diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases. Weam is also our resident entomologist, maintaining different mosquitoes species in an insectory, identifying and meticulously dissecting mosquitoes, making her our very own mosquito queen!
Weam has worked on an extremely wide variety of projects and has an impressive and astounding skillset in both the lab and the field. Weam also has experience in the field collecting mosquitoes- an essential part of our project. She is involved in two projects in Haiti screening and collecting data for the prevalence of lymphatic filariasis. Originally from Egypt, Weam brings unique perspective to the team. Summer 047