Recent Publications

§ Undergraduate co-author

Mangiamele, L.A. and Fuxjager, M. J. (2018) Insight into the neuroendocrine basis of signal evolution: a case study in foot-flagging frogs. Journal of Comparative Physiology A  204: 61-70

Thompson, R.R. and Mangiamele, L.A.  (2018) Rapid sex steroid effects on reproductive responses in male goldfish: Sensory and motor mechanisms. Hormones and Behavior  104: 52-62

Mangiamele, L.A., Gomez, J.R.§, Curtis, N.J., and Thompson, R.R. (2017) GPER/GPR30, a membrane estrogen receptor, is expressed in the brain and retina of a social fish (Carassius auratus) and colocalizes with isotocin. Journal of Comparative Neurology 525(2): 252-270

Mangiamele, L.A.*, Fuxjager, M.J.*, Schuppe, E.R., Taylor, R.S.§, Hödl, W., and Preininger, D. (2016) Increased androgenic sensitivity in the hind limb muscular system marks the evolution of a derived gestural display. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 11(20):5664-5669  * These authors contributed equally to this work. [Cover article]

Mangiamele, L.A., Keeney, A.D.§, D’Agostino, E.N.§, and Thompson, R.R. (2013) Pheromone exposure influences preoptic arginine vasotocin gene expression and inhibits social approach behavior in response to rivals but not potential mates. Brain, Behavior, and Evolution 81:194-202

Mangiamele, L.A. and Thompson, R.R. (2012) Testosterone rapidly increases ejaculate volume and sperm density in competitively breeding goldfish through an estrogenic membrane receptor mechanism. Hormones and Behavior 62:107-112 [Cover article]

Mangiamele, L.A. and Burmeister, S.S. (2011) Auditory selectivity for acoustic features that confer species recognition in the túngara frog. Journal of Experimental Biology 214:2911-2918 [Featured research article in “Inside JEB”]

Chakraborty, M*, Mangiamele, L.A.*, and Burmeister, S.S. (2010) Neural activity patterns in response to interspecific and intraspecific variation in mating calls in the túngara frog. PLoS ONE 5(9):e12898 * These authors contributed equally to this work

Mangiamele, L.A., Thomson, C.J.§, Lebonville, C.L. and Burmeister, S.S. (2010) Characterization of the plasticity-related gene, Arc, in the frog brain. Developmental Neurobiology 70(12):813-825

Mangiamele, L.A. and Burmeister, S.S. (2008) Acoustically-evoked immediate-early gene expression in the pallium of the túngara frog. Brain, Behavior, and Evolution 72: 239-250

Burmeister, S.S., Mangiamele, L.A., and Lebonville, C.L. (2008) Acoustic modulation of immediate-early gene expression in the auditory midbrain of female túngara frogs. Brain Research 1190: 105-114