Joining the Lab

Prof. Mangiamele will be on sabbatical in AY 2023-24 and will not be taking on new students. Please inquire at the beginning of Fall 2024.

If you are interested in joining the lab, first read some of my publications to get a better idea of my scientific interests and the techniques that I use in my research. You should also read the lab Code of Conduct to understand what is expected of lab members. Then, please make an appointment to meet with me, and come prepared to talk about the following:

    • Why do you want to join the lab? What, specifically, interests you about our work?
    • Why are you interested in doing research? How does it fit into your overall career plan?
    • Do you have any prior research experience(s)? What did you enjoy about those experiences?
    • How much time can you devote to research?


 I teach and mentor students so that they can feel prepared to enter the scientific community as their authentic selves. From the beginning of the mentor-mentee relationship, I match projects to my mentee’s articulated goals, aspirations, and level of experience.  As my mentee grows, so does their project. I try to help my mentees to cultivate a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities for growth, and to recognize that research is truly a collaborative effort. My role as a mentor is to provide my mentees with feedback, encouragement, and access to the resources and information they need for their projects. I want my mentees to leave the lab with something tangible that they can carry forward into their future careers, whether that is co-authorship on a publication, or simply the confidence that comes from learning a new lab technique (usually, after failing several times!) 
— L.M.