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vcThe lab at ICOP in Vancouver, 2013 Some beautiful SEM images of amoebae Images from our collecting trip to Cape Hatteras
and Dan, having way too much fun at work
SMBE Halifax 2007
Parfrey loves cows
Laura and Christina in Halifax
Christina en route to Halifax
Micah in Halilfax
Christina, Jessica, Micah and Theodore Tugboat
Sorry, Micah! You should save more often! American Museum of Natural History, NYC April 2007 The Katz lab out in the big city
Dan and Paula Having too much fun
Going home…
Laura Parfrey shares her Antarctica adventure with a kindergarten class
A future scientist
Becky and Tessa in Poland, ISEP 2006
Becky Zufall raises a glass in Poland
The long bus ride to a castle in Poland
Tessa and Laura in Wroclaw, Poland
Amy Toulson
Tessa Robinson
Mary Doherty