Design of Public River Access and a Bridge Connecting the Mill River Greenway to Skinnerville Park

WMRGC/VHB Team: Arielle Dede, Molly Swope, Elise Anderson, Madison Coombs

2021-2022: In collaboration with the Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee and VHB, this student team designed a pedestrian bridge to connect the Mill River Greenway (MRG) in Williamsburg across the Mill River to Skinnerville Park and also designed recreational river access opportunities on both sides of the river. This project is part of the larger MRG initiative, a shared-use pathway along the Mill River connecting Williamsburg and Northampton MA.

In addition to reviewing MRG development and use, the team documented the site conditions and conducted geotechnical testing on each bank at the proposed bridge location. The team reviewed prefabricated bridge manufacturers and models, selecting a steel bowstring truss bridge. Based on geotechnical data, bridge loads, and river hydraulic model, the team sized and located the abutments and also developed river access designs (switchback ramp and gabion stairway, both using gabions). The team delivered their final design package with CAD drawings, conceptual images, and initial cost estimates to their liaisons to inform future development and funding.