Design of Bank Protection Alternatives for the Mill River Greenway in Haydenville, MA

WMRGC Team: Laura Rosenbauer, Marcia Rojas, Fereshta Noori, Maya Sleiman

2017-2018: In collaboration with the Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee, this student team evaluated and recommended bank protection designs for a critical section (“the Bend”) of the Mill River in Haydenville, MA. This project is part of an initiative to construct a multipurpose pathway along the river connecting the village centers of Williamsburg and Haydenville.

Through many site visits, the team collected bathymetric data at multiple river cross-sections around the Bend. From these data, the team created a hydraulic model of existing conditions determined maximum expected water velocities at different locations. After dividing the river into three zones based on different velocities and bank slopes, the team identified the bank protection needs for each zone and the list of design alternatives to meet those needs. Applying their selection criteria, the team recommended an appropriate combination of alternatives for each zone: stream barbs, live staking, riprap, and a concrete retaining wall.

Project deliverables, which will inform continued development of the multipurpose pathway, include bank protection recommendations for the Bend area and hydraulic models of multiple scenarios.