Design Concepts for a User-Friendly Blood Glucose Monitor


Lifescan Team: Nasheeta Sarwar, Jillian Bauer, Zhi Min Lin, Sangay Kazi

2008-2009: In collaboration with LifeScan, a subsidiary of Johnson&Johnson, this student team designed concepts for a blood-glucose monitor to improve usability and facilitate self-monitoring of blood glucose levels.

The team generated and evaluated a wide range of concepts associated with the user interface, the data management commands, and the method of inputting blood into the device.  The team conducted a usability study to validate the effectiveness of their user interface designs.  They integrated the most promising data management concepts into a wireframe diagram for a new meter, and they modeled and prototyped several concepts for a new test strip dispenser.

The team focused their work on a target market of diabetics over the age of 60 who treat themselves with insulin and who have a proactive self-care regimen, but they also made recommendations for how their design concepts could cater to alternate target markets.  The work of the team will inform future product/platform designs at LifeScan.