Replacement Design of the Ridgewood Terrace Utilities

Northampton DPW Team: Erika Mancha, Kimberly Reinauer, Patricia Groulx, Elizabeth Koenig

2004-2005: In collaboration with the Northampton Department of Public Works (DPW), this student team redesigned the utilities for Ridgewood Terrace in Northampton, MA. The DPW identified Ridgewood Terrace as a high priority project as a result of multiple problems with the street’s utilities: previous breaks in the water main, root intrusion and offset pipe joints in the sanitary sewer, and drainage pipes that did not meet current standards. The sidewalks were both flooding and being destroyed by encroaching tree roots. The roadway was no longer curbed due to successive paving.

After determining the design requirements for each of the project components, the team developed initial designs for the utilities (including water, sewer, and drainage systems), sidewalk, and roadway.  The team then presented the proposed replacement designs to the public through two informational meetings. The team finalized their designs incorporating feedback from the community.  The team prepared contract bid documents, estimated budget, and construction plans.  Building on the team’s design package, the DPW secured project funding, solicited bids, and completed construction in 2007.