PowerPal: Design for Increased Energy Efficiency in GE Plastics Operations


GE Plastics Team: Susan Strom, Kerri Rossmeier, An Chi Tsou, Cara Stepp

2003-2004: In collaboration with GE Plastics, this student team designed an energy efficiency evaluation product called PowerPal for use in GE Plastics’ office complexes.  The project was motivated by GE’s increasing interest in promoting energy efficiency in order to protect the environment and reduce energy expenditures.

The students’ background research encompassed not only energy-saving technologies, but also GE employee’s preferences and recommendations. Their final product was a user-friendly protocol allowing individuals to evaluate the energy consumption and monetary costs of lighting and ancillary office equipment. PowerPal allows users to assess both the existing office equipment and potential improvements achieved by new energy-efficient equipment. PowerPal can also be useful over an extended time to track efficiency improvements.