Design of an Emergency Information Framework for Emergency Responders


MITRE Team: Kami Cott, Fatima Toor, Julia Packer, Tsui Mei Chang

2003-2004: In collaboration with the MITRE Corporation, this student team designed and developed a prototype Web-Based Emergency Response Manager to provide vital, standardized and locally specific emergency response information to a large network of emergency responders.  The project scope included data on emergency shelters, hospitals, police stations, and Departments of Public Works within Hampshire County, MA.

After interviewing emergency responders regarding available and desired information, the students developed and refined an interactive database system using PHP as a scripting language, a MySQL database, and a user interface consisting of standard HTML pages.  At the culmination of the project, the students provided MITRE with a working prototype and user help manual for the web-interface; they also provided recommendations for future development by MITRE or another student team. Although the initial prototype included data for only Hampshire County, it could easily be modified for other local regions, or expanded to a state, national, or even global scale.