Design of an Access Spur for the Manhan Rail Trail

Northampton Office of Planning and Development

Northampton Planning and Development Team: Alison Cloutier, Pisey Lim, Elizabeth Dulac

2007-2008:  In collaboration with the Northampton Office of Planning and Development (now called the Office of Planning and Sustainability) and a volunteer geotechnical liaison from HyGround Engineering, this student team designed an access spur for the Manhan Rail Trail extension to connect the trail extension behind Smith’s Physical Plant with Hebert Avenue, off of South Street.   The project is part of Northampton’s ongoing initiative to expand the rail-trail network throughout the city.

The team completed the design and geotechnical analysis of a soil embankment to support the span, selected surface material for the trail, proposed signage for the access spur connections, and prepared final design documents including construction plans and cost estimates.