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Winners from Five College ASA DataFest 2019

We’re thrilled to announce the winners for Five College ASA DataFest 2019! This year we had a total of 11 judges spread out over 4 panels. Participants had 5 minutes to present 5 slides and 3 minutes for questions.

We awarded the following prizes:

  1. Four Special Prizes: The theme of these prizes were left at the discretion of the judges. This year the judges chose to award “Best multilevel”, “Best external data”, “Best actionable insight”, and “Best data insight” themed prizes.
  2. Four “Best in Group” Runner Up Prizes: Each of the four judging panels picked what they felt was the best presentation in their group.
  3. “Best in Show” Grand Prize: After the 4 individual panels were complete, all judges got together and chose a single Grand Prize from the 4 “Best in Show” winners. These winners receive the “Lady Data” Trophy and will have their names engraved on it!

Best in Show: The Grand Prize

A-Super-NOVA, Smith College. Clara Rosenberg, Kara Van Allen, Arielle Dror, Audrey Bertin:

Best in Group: Runners up

Group A: Mount Histogram College, Mount Holyoke College. Emma Grotto, Sara Pradan, Eleanor Harris:

Group B: Data Pirates, Smith College. X, Francesca Giardine, Jessica Keast:

Group C: LOAF, Amherst College. Lesley Zheng, Fengling Hu, Clara Seo, Esther Song, Laboni Hoque:

Special Prizes

Best Multilevel Solution: ggsquad2, Smith College. Mathena Abramson, Paige Patrick, Elaona Lemoto, Ana Porro, Jordan Moody:

Best External Data: FUN[ction], Smith College. Khulood Fahim, Zoya Alam, Melanie Nguyen, Julia Bouzaher (not pictured):

Best Actionable Insight: LeGit, Smith College. Victoria Zheng, Kelly Pien, Sunni Raleigh, Catherine Kung:

Best Data Insight: Unofficial Intelligence, Smith College. Yanwan Zhu, Xian (Elaine) Ye, Rachel Yan, Kelly Shen, Yifan Ma, Nichole Yao:

See you next year!