VIP consultants

Whether from industry or academia, we always welcome VIP consultants to register to attend the event. As a visiting consultant, you will get to spend time with students, talking to them about their data problem and offering advice.

Usually VIP consultants approach a group, ask what they’re working on, and give them feedback on their ideas or help them work through things they’re stuck on. We’ve found that consultants always have something to add, whether or not they have much contextual knowledge about the data and/or the coding particulars. This is typically not technical support, but rather discussing groups’ goals and why they are pursuing them. Sometimes when a team thinks they are stuck on a programming problem, they are actually stuck on a conceptual question.

DataFest is a dynamic event, so it is fun just to come absorb the atmosphere. But, it can also be an excellent recruiting opportunity. If you are interested in registering to attend, please contact Scott LaCombe or Ben Baumer. Even if you only have an hour, we would love to have you.