BIO 203: Cell Biology

BIO 203: Cell Biology
Term: Fall 2015
Instructors: Graham Kent, Jan (prefer: Chris) Vriezen

Description of course:  Inquiry-based laboratory using techniques such as spectrophotometry, enzyme kinetics, bright field and fluorescence light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The emphasis is on student-designed projects. This course is a prerequisite for Biochemistry I Laboratory (BCH 253). Prerequisite: BIO 202 (should be taken concurrently).

BIO 202 description: The structure and function of eukaryotic cells. This course examines contemporary topics in cellular biology: cellular structures, organelle function, membrane and endomembrane systems, cellular regulation, signaling mechanisms, motility, bioelectricity, communication and cellular energetics. This course is a prerequisite for Biochemistry I (BCH 252). Prerequisites: BIO150/151 and CHM 222. Laboratory (BIO 203) is recommended but not required.

Instructor: Stylianos Scordilis

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Scanning Electron Micrograph of Human Blood Cells.

#1-4: Samples of human blood cells prepared by students taking BIO203 in the Fall of 2018.

#5: From left to right: Amelia, Claire and Rachel. Front: Susan (CMI assistant).