Climate is a common inspiration for music in the past and present. Numerous examples of such music pieces and projects and their connections to climate are explored are highlighted in this learning resource. 

The drop-down menus below contain links to in-site webpages developed by the Smith College Climate in Arts and History team. The display above features selected images from these pages. The Exploration (In Progress) menu lists additional topics that are in development to become full-length entries. 

Songs and Albums
  • “4 Degrees” by ANOHNI
  • “Catastrophe” by Matador
  • “Changes” by Joy Oladokun
  • Climate by Erik Ian 
  • “Climate Voices Suite” by Jason Davis 
  • Global Warming by Sonny Rollins
  • Handfuls of Night by Penguin Cafe
  • “I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the Ozone Layer” by Deee-Lite
  • Le Monde est Chaud by Tiken Jah Fakoly 
  • “Liberated Carbon” by Andy Revkin 
  • Live at City Winery by Pathway to Paris
  • Many a Thousand by Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith
  • “Melt!” by Kelly Lee Owens 
  • New Beginnings by Tracy Chapman
  • “(Nothing But Flowers)” by the Talking Heads
  • Old Wow by Sam Lee
  • “Up from the Skies” by Jimi Hendrix
  • “Wake Up America” by Miley Cyrus
Climate Themes in Music
  • Rain Dances (Ceremonies/Prayers for Rain)
    • Hopi Snake-Antelope Dance
Indigenous Perspectives
  • Iñupiaq Drumming and Global Warming
  • Rain Dances (Ceremonies/Prayers for Rain)
    • Hopi Snake-Antelope Dance
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