Except for the group roster, all submissions will be made via Moodle.

Checkpoint Due Date Credit File Name
Group roster 2/23 1 pt SDS 201 Roster
Initial project proposal 3/5 5 pts SDS 201 Group-X Initial Proposal
Revised project proposal 4/6 15 pts SDS 201 Group-X Revised Proposal
Data & Data Dictionary 4/16 4 pts SDS 201 Group-X Data & Dictionary
Oral presentation 4/30 & 5/2 30 pts SDS 201 Group-X Presentation
Technical report 5/9 40 pts SDS 201 Group-X Technical Report
Group Dynamic 5/9 5 pts SDS 201 Group-X Dynamic
Group members Letter
Kim, Julia, Paige A
Sofia, Beth, Gav B
Yifan, Kendra C
Ester, Jullian, Aoi D
Julie, Rachel, Christina E
Leigh, Neila, Carter F
Larkyn, Sam, Grace G
Valerie, Danica, Vanessa H
Rebecca, Nichole I
Sam, Marissa, Nash J
Presentation Date Groups
Apr 30 By random assignment (order: J, G, I, B)
May 2 By random assignment (order: F, D, E, C, A, H)
May 9 Technical Report, Group Dynamic due