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I play the double bass, and particulary enjoy playing orchestral music.  Right now I play with the Smith College Orchestra, the Pioneer Valley Symphony, and am a member of our department's own Modern Math Quartet.  Previously, I played with the Academic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Collegium Musicum, and the Camerata Musicale at the University of Bonn, as well as the Penn Symphony Orchestra, and the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra.

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Past Mountain Days:

10/3/08 Friday
10/5/09 Monday
9/29/10 Wednesday
10/5/11 Wednesday
9/20/12 Thursday
9/26/13 Thursday
9/29/14 Monday
10/7/15 Wednesday
10/5/16 Wednesday
10/3/17 Tuesday
9/27/18 Thursday
9/25/19 Wednesday
9/23/20 Wednesday