Electric Power Readings

Summer 2018 Student Possible Readings

microGrid and Distributed Energy Resources

Readings folder

Wind Articles and Reports

Readings folder


Resources for the Future report., especially pages 8-22.
Background on the deregulation and industry restructuring of the electric power industry
DOE - EIA information
DOE - EIA electricity basics
Electricity Restructuring in LDCs

Agent Modeling

Agents Overview - Iowa State slides
Real World Market Representation with Agents - IEEE PES article
Multiagent Systems Survey - CMU Overview
Multi-agent Retail Market Simulation - Miranda article
Restructuring the Electric Enterprise, Chapter 3
Agent-Based Computational Economics website
...useful link within above site
Simulating Electricity Markets with JAVA - F.F. Wu article
Multi-agent Modeling for Multilateral Trades - F.F. Wu article
Stanford JATLite Documentation - agent modeling suite, for Java
Stanford JATLite ftp site - agent modeling suite, for Java

Folder with Q Learning in Electricity Markets

CSC 111 Mt Tom wind speed data file



Readings folder

Wind Articles and Reports

Readings folder

Electricity Contract Data Links

FOLDER with Energy Data
EIA: Avg Retail Price
EIA: Demand Side Management Info
New England Power System Operator
New York Power System Operator
Mid-Atlantic Power System Operator
California Power System Operator


FACTS overview - Siemens
Quick FACTS overview - ABB
IEEE Standards/L. Gyugyi FACTS Introduction
The grid in transition (FACTS paper)
The FACTS on resolving transmission gridlock
Shaping the future of global energy delivery (FACTS paper)


Competitive Markets talk
Control Area talk
Hybrid Congestion Management talk