0.3 0.0 1.2 1.5 0 400 200 600 800 1000 T emperature (°C) Pressure (GPa) eclogite granulite blueschist zeolite Prh- Pmp amphibolite Ep-Amp greenschist
T (°C):
P (GPa):

Metamorphic Facies w/ACF Topologies. Approximate conditions of various metamorphic facies are shown on a temperature-pressure diagram. Mouseover the PT diagram on the left to see generalized mineral assemblages for rocks of basaltic composition on an ACF diagram. Click on the PT diagram to hold the ACF diagram for a particular facies. Click the "Animate" button (upper right) to resume ACF diagram change based on mouse position. Note that greenschist, amphibolite, and granulite facies have more than one ACF diagram, depending on P and T. Click on the "Show Rxns" button to display reference reactions including aluminosilicate mineral stabilities (Pattison, 1992), wet haplogranite melting (see Makhluf and others (2017)), and albite = jadeite + quartz (Newton and Kennedy, 1968).

The mineral assemblages shown on the ACF diagrams for each facies are generalized for ones commonly observed for basaltic rocks. Assemblages shown are based on those of Spear (1993, Chap.11) and drawn with his ACF coordinates, modified for projection from albite for some facies (+Ab). Because of the chemical complexity of basaltic rocks, the ACF digram is a simplification and not a thermodynamically valid projection. Ths means that some of the assemblages shown have crossing tie lines and are flagged with color on the ACF diagram.