Plant and Animal Cell Program: Exploring Microscopy and Cells (2016)

By Tom Gralinski, STEM Coordinator
Smith College Jandon Center for Community Engagement
Date: March 2016

Program Description: On Wednesday, March 23rd, the Amherst branch of The Literacy Project visited Smith College to learn about microscopy and plant and animal cells. Technical Director of the Center for Microscopy and Imaging (CMI) Judith Wopereis organized a team of Smith undergraduates to introduce microscopy and the basics of plant and animal cells. Amalia Driller-Colangelo, ’18, Liz Tan ’16, Sahar Aftab ’18, Ria Deshpande ’16, and Varsha Subramaniam ’17 taught this 2-hour session. The group returned to learn about cancer and more on microscopy a couple of weeks later.

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#1: A future scientist from The Literacy Project takes a close look at the plant sample in her microscope.

#2: Liz Tan ’16 works with one of the students from The Literacy Project to adjust her microscope.

#3: Eileen Barry, one of the Literacy Project teachers from Amherst, works with one of the students as he navigates using the microscope to see chloroplasts in a plant specimen.

#4: Sahar Aftab ’18 helps to set up the microscope for one of the Literacy Project students.

#5: Amalia Driller-Colangelo ’18 explains organelles and their functions during her talk about animal cell structures.