Plant and Animal Cell Program: Introduction to Microscopy and Cells (2014)

By Tom Gralinski, STEM Coordinator
Smith College Jandon Center for Community Engagement
Date: October 2014

Program Description: Smith College has been partnering with the HCC Adult Learning Center in Holyoke for 5 years. This partnership is supported by the Center for Community Collaboration and Science Center Outreach, primarily works to support science education. Smith either hosts science and engineering sessions or we go the ALC four or five times a year to explore microscopy and cell structures, engineering design, rock and mineral properties, and more.

On October 30th, the ALC visited Smith for a program designed and run by the Center for Microscopy and Imaging. This two-hour session introduced the group of adult learners to microscopy, plant and animal cells and connected the session to the book they are reading, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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#1: Allison Sirois ‘0GR helping a HCC-ALC student.

#2: Rebecca Ratusnk ’16 and Allison Sirois ‘0GR discussing the use of HeLa cells.

#3: Judith Wopereis helping to adjust microscope settings.

#4: Tatenda Mahlanza ’15 assisting a HCC-ALC student.

#5: Allison Sirois ‘0GR working with a HCC-ALC student.