Sara Pruss

Student Research

Recent Field Excursions

J-term field trip to Death Valley area, January 2019

House Range, Utah, May 2019

Western Newfoundland, June 2019


Current Research Students

Juliet Ramey-Lariviere ’22

Ashley Rivas ’22

Clara Wong ’22

Amy Hagen’21

Lexie Leeser ’21

Vivienne Maxwell ’21

Amelia Olsen ’21

Kiara Ramirez ’21

Martha Slaymaker ’21

Recent Former Research Students

Rhiannon Nolan ’19

Olivia Leadbetter ’19

Daniel Wood ’19

Molly Megan ’19

Claudia Deeg ’17 and Brenna Getzin ’18: Carbon isotopes of Danian planktic and benthic foraminifera from the South Pacific (Claudia, left, on the Cambrian at Emigrant Pass near Death Valley)

Chiza Mwinde ’18, Characterization of Archean Cheshire Formation carbonates, eastern Zimbabwe (Chiza, left, on Oceanography Cruise)

Courcelle Stark ’18, Minute fossils in Early Triassic insoluble residues (From left to right, Camille Dwyer ’14, Courcelle, Sara, and Emma Roth ’17, western Newfoundland)

Ziqiu Zhang ’18, Unusual fossil preservation of the lower and middle Cambrian Carrara Formation (Ziqiu, right, on the Cambrian at Eagle Mountain, near Death Valley)

Rhiannon Nolan ’19, Archaeocyathan reefs of the Wood Canyon and Campito formations

Kim Du ’18, New microfossils of the Cryogenian Rasthof Formation, Fransfontein Ridge, Namibia

Kenny Clarke ’17, Investigation of Ediacaran calcifiers in the Nama Group, southern Namibia

Tessa Browne ’17, Carbon isotopes and petrography of the Cryogenian Rasthof Formation, Fransfontein Ridge, Namibia (Tessa, on left, at Eagle Mountain)