Research and Teaching Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Dr. Pratt does not maintain a research lab during the academic year (as a lab instructor, she only has access to teaching labs), but she does need 3-5 SURF students to help with the project Monitoring Macroinvertebrates in the Mill River each summer.  If you are interested in helping collect data in the summer, please see the SURF program website for deadlines and further information.  If you think you might want to apply to the SURF program, feel free to schedule a meeting to talk to Dr. Pratt.  Dr. Pratt does sometimes take on Special Studies students or hire students to help with data collection, data analysis, or helping to create research/teaching materials (such as helping make identification keys for macroninvertebrates) related to the ongoing monitoring projects.

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Each lab section of Bio 131 usually has a teaching assistant who helps prepare materials and supplies for lab, assist during lab, and performs weekly checks and gives comments on the electronic lab notebooks.  Bio 131 TAs usually also help drive college vans for field trips (however, if you do not have a valid U.S. driver’s license that does not automatically exclude you from being a TA so don’t let that stop you from applying).  If you are interested in being a TA, please let Dr. Pratt know so she can keep you on a list of students to contact when she is looking for TAs and keep an eye on job openings listed on Workday.