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Limited selection of links

Specifically about phyllotaxis

Note: Phyllotaxis has been the subject of very serious studies, as well as some very outworldy divagations. We selected here some sites that contain serious, interesting material, although not always in agreement with our perspective. For research articles, please consult our limited web bibliography.

Prof. R. Rutishauser's site, with links to animations by Alex Bernhard (In English - University of Zurich)

Prof. H. Meinhardt (In English - Max Plank Institute)

Prof. J. de Vaugelas's site (In French - University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis)

H. Haß 's site (in German)

J.P. Chabert's site (in French)

Prof. J. Dumais' site (In English - Harvard University). Dumais is our collaborator in an NSF collaborative Grant.


About Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Mean (and phyllotaxis)

R. Knott's site, a very reliable web classic (in English - University of Surrey)

Caroline Lepage's site (In French)



M. Harding's phyllotaxis sculpture



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The site was further expended by material gathered for the exhibit "Spiral in Plants: Beauty that you can count on", that took place at the Smith College botanical garden exhibit center October 2002-March 2003. We would like to thank all the people from around the world who contributed to this exhibit (listed here) and in particular our direct collaborators Michael Marcotrigiano and Madeleine Zadik from the Smith botanical garden.

The research represented in this site is partly funded by an NSF grant (DMS-0540740) in collaboration with J. Dumais' lab at Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology of Harvard University.