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Koh Lab-orators

Dr. R. Koh
B.S. University of Vermont
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Koh is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering at Smith College who teaches courses across engineering mechanics, design and materials. Their research focuses on Sustainable Materials using two approaches: (1) development and characterization of bio-based composite materials, and (2) development of advanced computational methods to enable the use of bio-based materials in engineering design. Outside of work, Koh enjoys spending time with cats, gardening, and community organizing.



Clark Addis, Class of  2020
Plant-Based Wood Adhesives

Clark double majors in mechanical engineering and art. For some reason, he thinks that engineers should think more like artists and artists should think more like engineers. He is a Creative and Performing Arts scholar, where he makes art with lasers, and likes to make bread, which is tasty, a stress reliever, and a useful conversation topic. His research interests include making glue out of plants, and making computer models of that glue.




Talia Baddour, Lafayette College Class of 2020
Mechanical Properties of Composite Tubes in Torsion

Talia is a mechanical engineering major with an interest in studying and optimizing composite materials for dynamic applications.  On campus she is involved in Alternative School Break and in her free time you will often find her running marathons, making peanut butter in her food processor, or diving into some non-fiction self-help books. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, and finding the best ice cream shops in America.




Eli Cooper, Lafayette College Class of 2019                                  Space Hemp Team

Eli is a mechanical engineering and art double major from Denver, Colorado.  He is interested in the design process and the intersections of engineering and art.  Around campus, he is involved in theater, the visual arts, the LGBTQ+ community, and several music ensembles.






Amanda Meixner, Lafayette College Class of 2020                    Space Hemp Team

Amanda is a mechanical engineering major. She is involved in the Lafayette Outdoor Society, theater, and plays the ukulele. Her instrumental skills come in handy when she plays as a bard in D&D campaigns. When it comes to the outdoors, Amanda can be found on any climbable surface, preferable tethered safely to a rope.