2018-2019 Mid-Year Presentations:

Friday, December 7, 2018
Ford Hall 240, Smith College
1:10-4:10 PM

1:10 PM – ACT 1

  • Welcome
  • Sanderson MacLeod: Design of an ABS Plastic Rod Scoring Device for Twisted Wire Brushes
    1. Ha Phuong Le, Mandira Marambe, Serena-Lian Sakheim-Devine, Nina Shute
  • FloDesign Sonics: Design of Multi-phase Flows within an Acoustic Fluidized Bed
      Amelia Biase, Aissah Kaba, Christina Kielczewska, Karen Komu
  • Facebook:  Design of an FPGA-based Image Processing and Classification System
    1. Meng Cao, Margaret Gao, Becky Shen, Rainie Zhu
  • Pelican:  Design of a Combined Hinge and Latch Pinning Machine for the Storm Case Product Line
    1. Cora Grant, Madeline Hubbard, Katie Knowles, Rison Naness
  • Collins Aerospace:  Design Improvements for Ram Fan Shaft Heat Exchanger Production
    1. Sarah Chu, Jakqueline Granillo, Gaea Ridenhour, Shuying Zhen


    2:55 PM – ACT 2

  • Honda: Design of an Electric Urban Alternative Mobility Product
    1. Tasbiha Chowdhury, Veronica Morales, Macarena Rojas, Kirthna Subash
  • Instrumentation Laboratory: Design of Extended, On-board HemosIL Reagent Stability for the ACL-TOP Family of Instruments
      Bisma Ali, Ambar Garcia, Zoe Koukoulas, Alessia Woods
  • Mill River Greenway Committee: Design of the Mass Central Rail Trail Connection in Haydenville, MA
      Serena Cattau, Beatrix Dalton, Kelsey Hammond, Jess McKnight
  • Northampton Department of Public Works: City-Wide Culvert Evaluation Program and Stream Crossing Design for Ecological Restoration
      Molly Day, Tyler Feeney, Maia Tooley
  • Closing