Julianna Tymoczko: algebraic and combinatorial geometer

Julianna Tymoczko

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Burton Hall 314
(413) 585–3775

Email: jtymoczko AT smith dot edu

I am an associate professor at Smith College, nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires in Northampton, Massachusetts. It's also where I grew up; I took a lot of courses at Smith while I was in high school, particularly discrete mathematics. Then I went to Harvard-Radcliffe, where I eventually wrote an undergraduate thesis in homotopy theory with Joe Harris and Mike Hopkins. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics at Princeton University in June, 2003, under the supervision of Bob MacPherson at the Institute for Advanced Studies. (Paul Gunnells wrote a nice page about what that was like.) I was a Clay Liftoff scholar in the summer of 2003, then a VIGRE-Hildebrandt Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for the subsequent year, and finally an NSF postdoctoral scholar and Hildebrandt Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. In 2007, I moved to Iowa City and became an assistant professor in the mathematics department at the University of Iowa. I stayed there until 2011, when I moved back to Smith.

In my spare time, I enjoy some or all of: jogging, knitting, baking, reading trashy novels, dancing tango, and cats.

I keep an occasionally-updated page describing my joint project with Marshall Poe.