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H-alpha image of the well-known objects M81 and M82, a pair of interacting galaxies at redshift z=0.0 (less than 10 million light years away -- almost our back yard), taken with the KPNO Burrell-Schmidt telescope.

I-band image of a pair of interacting galaxies at redshift z=0.408 (about 4 billion light years away), taken at the 10-meter Keck telescope. Click here to see a spectrum.

Spectrum of the Coup Fourre galaxy, a Lyman-alpha galaxy at z=2.3 (about 12 billion light years away), from the Multiple Mirror Telescope.


The source counts of submillimetre galaxies detected at lambda = 1.1 mm
Scott, K. S.; Wilson, G. W.; Aretxaga, I.; Austermann, J. E.; Chapin, E. L.; Dunlop, J. S.; Ezawa, H.; Halpern, M.; Hatsukade, B.; Hughes, D. H.; and 14 coauthors
2012, MNRAS
Deep 1.1 mm-wavelength imaging of the GOODS-S field by AzTEC/ASTE - II. Redshift distribution and nature of the submillimetre galaxy population
Yun, Min S.; Scott, K. S.; Guo, Yicheng; Aretxaga, I.; Giavalisco, M.; Austermann, J. E.; Capak, P.; Chen, Yuxi; Ezawa, H.; Hatsukade, B.; and 15 coauthors
2012, MNRAS, 420, 957
The VLT LBG Redshift Survey- II. Interactions between galaxies and the IGM at z ~ 3
Crighton, N. H. M.; Bielby, R.; Shanks, T.; Infante, L.; Bornancini, C. G.; Bouche, N.; Lambas, D. G.; Lowenthal, J. D.; Minniti, D.; Morris, S. L.; and 8 coauthors
2011, MNRAS, 414, 28
The VLT LBG Redshift Survey - I. Clustering and dynamics of ~1000 galaxies at z~3
Bielby, R. M.; Shanks, T.; Weilbacher, P. M.; Infante, L.; Crighton, N. H. M.; Bornancini, C.; Bouche, N.; Heraudeau, P.; Lambas, D. G.; Lowenthal, J.; and 4 coauthors
2011, MNRAS, 414, 2
Color Magnitude Relation and Morphology of Low-Redshift ULIRGs
Chen, Yuxi; Lowenthal, James D.; Yun, Min S.
2010, ApJ, 712, 1385
AzTEC half square degree survey of the SHADES fields - I. Maps, catalogues and source counts
Austermann, J.E. + 47 co-authors
2010, MNRAS, 401, 160
An AzTEC 1.1mm survey of the GOODS-N field - II. Multiwavelength identifications and redshift distribution
Chapin, E. L. + 14 co-authors
2009, MNRAS 398, 1793
The AzTEC/SMA Interferometric Imaging Survey of Submillimeter-selected High-redshift Galaxies
Younger + 16 co-authors
2009, ApJ, 704, 803.
Dynamics of Lyman Break Galaxies and Their Host Halos
J. D. Lowenthal, D. C. Koo, L. Simard & E. van Kampen
2009, ApJ,703, 198
Abstract and full text available here
Full-resolution images available here
AzTEC Half Square Degree Survey of the SHADES Fields -- I. Maps, Catalogues, and Source Counts
J. Austermann et al
2009, MNRAS, in press
An AzTEC 1.1 mm survey of the GOODS-N field -- II. Multi-wavelength identifications and redshift distribution
E. Chapin et al
2009, MNRAS, in press
AzTEC Millimetre Survey of the COSMOS field - II. Source count overdensity and correlations with large-scale structure
J. Austermann et al
2009, MNRAS, 393, 1573
Spitzer IRAC infrared colours of submillimetre-bright galaxies
M. Yun et al
2008, MNRAS, 389, 333
Evidence for a Population of High-Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies from Interferometric Imaging
J. D. Younger et al
2007, ApJ, ApJ, 671, 1531
Measuring the Halo Mass of z=3 Damped Ly-alpha Absorbers from the Absorber-Galaxy Cross-correlation
N. Bouche, J. P. Gardner, D. H. Weinberg, N. Katz, R Dave, & J. D. Lowenthal
2005, ApJ, 628, 89
The Star Formation Rate-Density Relationship at Redshift Three
N. Bouche & J. D. Lowenthal
2005, ApJLett, 623, 75
The clustering of galaxies around three damped Ly-alpha absorbers at Redshift Three
N. Bouche & J. D. Lowenthal
2004, ApJ, 609, 513
Clustering of galaxies at z=3 around the probable Damped Ly-alpha absorber towards QSO APM 08279+5255
N. Bouche & J.D. Lowenthal
2003, ApJ, 596, 810

Here is a 3D view of Comet Hyakutake from 1996. (For help viewing these stereograms, see 3D instructions . If images are displayed above each other rather than side-by-side, try enlarging the WWW window.)

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James D. Lowenthal
Five College Astronomy Department
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
jlowenth (at) smith.edu