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Our intention is to explore how Smith Campus Space transforms to Place. No one denies the beauty of our campus, but we all have one, two, or many favorite spaces we identify with. As these spaces become invested with memory and saturated with our experience, they become special and transform to what we think of as Place.


We employ modern day mapping technologies to capture locations on campus that you feel are special or sacred. As the original landscape designed by Olmstead is modified to include more and more built structures, it is especially important to determine what spaces are sacred to our community and, perhaps, merit special protection from change.


Led by Jon Caris, Director of the Smith College Spatial Analysis Lab.
Framework developed by Alex Schreyer

When and Where

Sacred spaces at Smith clearly include Paradise Pond, and the bridge overlooking the dam. What other spaces should be marked as special or favorite to become Place? The map below shows areas that were most commonly identified as sacred during a 1995 survey. Roll your mouse over to see what the modern equivalent might look like once we have input from our community.

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Reference: Oberlander, Cornelia H. Smith College Landscape Master Plan. Rep. New Haven: Rolland Towers, 1995.