Current Projects

Current Projects: 2019-2020

Collins Aerospace Design of Heat Exchange Material Handling Improvements
Facebook Design of a Smart Containment System and SOC Model for Battery Backup Units
Honda Design of a Long Range Heavy Payload Drone
Instrumentation Laboratory Design of a Next Generation Patient Blood Management Analysis System
Northampton Department of Public Works Low Impact Develoment (LID) Stormwater Design for Mitigating Elm Street Brook Flooding
Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger Design, Testing, and Evaluation of a Vibration Dampening System for Attic Accessways above an Historic Plaster Ceiling
Trout Unlimited Design of Multiple Engineered Large-Wood Structures for In-Stream Habitat and Bank Stabilization
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services / U.S. Geological Survey Hydraulic Design of an Improved Fishway Entrance for Alosines

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