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Pop-Up Geometry:

The Mathematics behind Pop-Up Cards

© Joseph O'Rourke 2021

viii+151 pages, 143 figures. To appear, 2022.

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Chapter 1
Parallel Folds
Letter T
Recursive Rhomb
Chapter 2
V-fold Median
Rotary Motion
Rotary Motion (top view)
Chapter 3
Knight's Visor 
Chapter 4
Pop-Up Spinner [Akira Nishihara]
Minimal Spinner
Chapter 5
Cube Flattening
Cube 180
Cube180 Arcs
Cube 90
Octahedron Tracks
Pop-up Regular Tetrahedron
Two Tetrahedra
Chapter 6
Linkage Shear 2D
Polygon 2D [ADD+13]
Nested V 4-chains
Orthogonal Polyhedron [ADD+13]

[ADD+13]: Abel, Z. R., E. D. Demaine, M. L. Demaine, S. C. Eisenstat, A. Lubiw, A. Schulz, D. L. Souvaine, G. Viglietta, and A. Winslow (2013). Algorithms for designing pop-up cards. In 30th Internat. Symp. Th. Aspects Comp. Sci., Volume 20, pp. 269–280. Schloss Dagstuhl Publishing.