Best viewed on a monitor with resolution greater than 800x600

Behavior of applet based on platform and software

PCWindows 9x, WindowsNT4No reported problems on IE(ver4 or greater) or Netscape(ver. 4.7) at above resolution or greater
LinuxTested on Netscape v4.61 for Linux. No reported problems.
MACMacOS 8.5No reported problems on IE(ver4 or greater) at above resolutions. Some Mac versions of Netscape do not support the Java1.2 event model, which is used extensively on the applet. Therefore, IE is recommended for the Mac
SGIIrix 6.xTested on Netscape 4.07. Reported problems are:
  • Initial Java frame appears as a blank blue frame with no components. Frame needs to be moved on the screen in order to bring up the components.
  • Frame may need resizing.