Baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Like a lot of kids, I played in Little League, collected baseball cards, and practiced switch-hitting while playing Wiffleball in the backyard. I played through high school, and more recently in men’s leagues on Long Island and in Central Park.

I was lucky enough to work for the New York Mets as their Statistical Analyst for 8.5 years. During that time our department took huge strides in terms of its ability to collect, process, disseminate, and understand statistical data.

In 2012, I was selected by the Mets be their representative in the Baseball IQ trivia show on the MLB Network. At stake was up to $45,000 for our chosen charity, Welcome Back Veterans. Here’s how I did in:

  1. Round 1 vs. the Phillies (original air date: January 24th, 2012)
  2. Round 2 vs. the Braves (original air date: February 14th, 2012)
  3. Quarterfinals vs. the Cubs (original air date: February 22nd, 2012)
  4. Semifinals vs. the White Sox (original air date: February 23rd, 2012)
  5. Finals vs. the Angels (original air date: February 23rd, 2012)

I’ve collected links to some articles in which you will find more information about my work with the Mets.