Women in Data Science Conference

In 2015, MassMutual launched an official partnership and sponsorship with two local women’s colleges, Mt. Holyoke and Smith College in an effort to create a strong pipeline of qualified women professionals in the rapidly growing field of data science and related subjects. Mount Holyoke College and Smith College are both established leaders in educating women and with MassMutual have piloted a groundbreaking, higher education initiative: the MassMutual Women in Data Science program.

The Women in Data Science Conference was borne out of that partnership with MassMutual Financial Group, Smith College, and Mt. Holyoke College, and these institutions’ continued promotion of science and mathematics, and investment in applications of data science for business, health, education, and society. This conference is a celebration of the work of women in data science within academia, research, business, technology, and policy.

The Women in Data Science Conference recognizes the past, present, and future contributions of women in science and data science in particular, and celebrates the partnerships between business and academia that have encouraged the acceleration of women in science in our local communities and beyond.