Script Example for Plotting

Here is an example for plotting the data.

The first is to export the data from the dataset. In this example the dataset with the condition “Identifier = ‘Voss_ASA14’” was exported.

Only data file with no headers and in .txt (Tab Delimited Text) format is readable for MATLAB. Select to delete the first row and then click Save button save the .csv file into the .txt (Tab Delimited Text).

Then open the MATLAB script that could be downloaded here. There are three example scripts available here: , Plot_Script_HearID.m, and Plot_Script_Titan.m. Plot_Script_Both.m is for plotting the data collected using the instrument Titan and the instrument HearID at the same plot for comparison. Plot_Script_HearID.m is for plotting the data collected using HearID only.Plot_Script_Titan.m is for plotting the data collected using Titan.

In this example the Plot_Script_Both.m is downloaded and used here as a demo. The script is downloaded and saved on the desktop. Double click the script icon on the desktop and open the script. Then click the Run button at upper right side of the window to run the script.

If the MATLAB Editor appears, click on Change Folder icon to run the script.

Through changing the value assigned to the variable SUBNUM you could plot the absorbance, the impedance magnitude, and the impedance angle vs frequency for both ears of each subject.

Here is the plot of Subject 17 from the study Voss_ASA14.