The stipend rate for summer 2021 will be $5,400 for 40 hours per week over 10 weeks, prorated for shorter projects at $540 per week, full time. Please see the FAQ’s for participants page for more detail regarding stipends.

All of the details about SURF student eligibility, funding disbursement, the application process, and student participant obligations can be found here.

  • Departments with endowed funds to support students can decide how (or if) they would like to use that money to support SURF projects.
  • Departments without endowed funds to support students can apply to the Science Center for support through our endowed Schultz Fund.
  • All requests for student support should go through your department/program chair or designated SURF contact to ensure they fit the criteria.
  • Faculty have flexibility with respect to student hours and weeks worked. Limits are that students can work no more than 400 hours total and no more than 40 hours per week.
  • Heather McQueen will continue to help facilitate the program and will be able to process student stipends once the circulated template is completed and returned to her at or shared on a google drive.




Questions? Contact Heather McQueen x3950, 413-585-3950, Burton 115,

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