Faculty advisors, please submit the “SURF Plans for Summer 2022 survey” by 01/20/22. This was sent via email by Chris Golé  on 01/05/22. If you did not receive the survey email surf@smith.edu   and we’ll forward to you.

The stipend rate for summer 2022 will be $5,700 for 40 hours per week over 10 weeks, prorated for shorter projects at $570 per week, full time. Please see the FAQ’s for participants page for more detail regarding stipends and other program information.

All of the details about SURF student eligibility, funding disbursement, the application process, and student participant obligations can be found here. 

If after reading this FAQ you find that you still have questions, please contact Heather McQueen at the SURF program email address surf@smith.edu. I will be happy to set up a time to talk by phone or zoom to answer any questions you may have.

  • Departments with endowed funds to support students can decide how (or if) they would like to use that money to support SURF projects.
  • The Science Center will make initial allotments of SURF funding from its operating budget and endowed funds based on core faculty FTE  and distribute them to departments.
  • All requests for SURF stipends for students should go through your department/program chair or designated SURF contact to ensure they fit the criteria.
  • CFCD IS a possible funding source for SURF. Advisors do need to apply separately for this funding managed by the Provost’s Office. It is suggested that CFCD applications for summer student research funds be made in coordination with department/program chairs or designated departmental SURF contacts to maximize available SURF funding.
    • Note that CFCD funding is paid out hourly on the College’s biweekly payroll schedule (dates at the bottom of this page), not via one lump stipend. During the academic year, no withholding is made from students with a work-study award in the tax or FICA categories due to the regulations that apply to work-study. Outside of the academic year, including the summer, student positions are not part of work-study and so income tax and FICA are taken out each pay period.
    • Faculty have to hire the students they wish to be paid out of CFCD funds. They do this directly in Workday or get help from their Academic Assistant. Faculty must approve bi-weekly timesheets in Workday in order for students to be paid from CFCD funds.
    • CFCD funding CANNOT be used to fund graduating seniors or for remote work.
    • Please see the CFCD section of the Moneybook for more details and student/faculty eligibility for CFCD funding.
  • Faculty have flexibility with respect to student hours and weeks worked. Standard SURF stipends fund a maximum of 400 hours total per student (based on 40 hours per week for 10 weeks). If a department or individual advisor has funding to cover additional time beyond the total of 400 hours they can seek guidance from the SURf program for processing additional payments to students.
  • Heather McQueen administers the program by processing applications, answering questions for students and faculty, working with other departments on campus for information sharing, and will process student stipends for all departments. Departments provide their allocations to SURF students via the template provided via surf@smith.edu or shared on a google drive.




Questions? Contact Heather McQueen x3950, 413-585-3950, Burton 115, surf@smith.edu.

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