How Do I Buy Things?

Check out our page all about that here.

How Do I Get Into Places?

Key and Keycard Access – Need office keys or lab access for you or your students or staff? We have a new, handy Google Form for requests here.

I’ve Got Questions About Chemicals and Safety!

Chemical Inventory – We maintain a database of purchased chemicals for reasons of safety and convenience. This database is available for use by anyone who maintains chemicals in their space. Want more information? Drop us an email.

Inspections and Advice – Have questions about chemical handling and storage, waste, regulations, or general safety concerns? Contact Margaret Rakas

How Much Are Chemistry Model Kits?

  • Chemistry 111 kits: $14
  • Organic Chemistry kits: $25

We can take cash (exact change only, please) and checks/money orders made out to Smith College.

Who are you?

Stockroom Services Specialists:

Jack Miller runs a tight ship in the Sabin-Reed Stockroom, never plays favorites, and is definitely the life of the party.

Erin Smith spends her day in the Ford Stockroom hunting down ways to save everyone money, and convincing vendors that she does in fact own the college.

Ellen Abrams splits her time between both Stockrooms, juggling all the Science Center needs, and keeping her coworkers the appropriate amount of sane.

Laboratory, Safety & Compliance Services Director:

Margaret Rakas is our fearless leader, Manager of Inventory & Regulatory Affairs (among other things), and the last word in making sure things run as smoothly and safely as possible.