Critical Cartography & Environmental Social Movements (ENV229)

Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Aqueous Geochemistry (GEO301)

Social Justice, Spirituality, and the American Radical Tradition (REL293)

Sustainable Solutions (ENV312)

World Population (SOC232)

Geomorphology (GEO251)

Interterm Intro to GIS (IDP153)

Thinking from Things: Method, Theory, and Practice in Archaeology (ANT221)

Intro to Data Science (SDS192)

Intro to Data Science (SDS192) – 2 Sections

Aerial Imagery & Cinematography (IDP109)

Exploring the Local Geologic Landscape (GEO102)

Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Sustainability & Social-Ecological Systems (ENV101)

Ecohydrology (EGR315)

CODEX Medieval History Lab (HST400)

Projects in Installation I (ARS274)

Topics in Art History: Imperial Design (ARH291)

Intro to GIS (GEO/ENV150)