SPRING (8) FALL (11)
Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Structural Geology (GEO241)

Introduction to Archaeology (ANT135)

Place Frames: Photography as Research Method in Landscape Studies (LSS245)

Age of Heroes: Archaeology of Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age (CLS238)

Aqueous Geochemistry (GEO301)

Museums Concentration Research Capstone Seminar (MUX300)

Taking the Archives Public (ARX340)

Aerial Imagery & Cinematography (IDP109)

Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Great Cities: Los Angelos (ARH285)

Sustainable Solutions (ENV312)

Ecohydrology (EGR315)

Groundwater Geology (GEO309)

Contesting Space: Art, Ecology, Activism (LAS301)

Intro to Landscape Studies (LSS105)

Mapping Our World: Intro to GIS (GEO/ENV150)

Intro to Data Science (SDS192)

Sustainability & Socio-Ecological Systems (ENV101)