SPRING (8) FALL (12)
Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Geomorphology (GEO251)

Painting III (ARS363)

World Population (SOC232)

Archaeology of Food (ANT226)

The Making of a School (EDC226)

Medieval Art on the Move: Pilgrimages & Crusades (ARH233)

Inquiry & Interpretation in Latin American Studies (LAS250)

Aerial Imagery & Cinematography (IDP109)

Intro to Landscape Studies (LSS105)

Visual Storytelling: Graphics, Data, & Design (LSS260)

Painting I (ARS266)

Modeling Our World: Intro to GIS (GEO/ENV150)

Ecohydrology (EGR315)

Researching Environmental Problems (ENV201/202)

Paris: A Multilayered City (FRN230)

Biodiversity, Ecology, & Conservation (BIO131)

Landscapes of Work, Wealth, & Power: The Economic Geography of Latin America (LAS201)

Intro to Earth Processes & History (GEO101)

Global Climate Change: Exploring the Past, the Present, and Options for the Future (GEO104)