Spring 2021 Workshops

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A Historical Research Tool: Georeferencing the Vilna Ghetto

3/10 Wednesday 12:30-1:15 recording and Q&A

With Hannah Dillahunt ‘21. When creating historical maps, it may be difficult to find data layers that reflect the landscape and landmarks of the past time period you wish to map. By using georeferencing as a historical tool, cartographers are able to spatially place older map documents or previous representations of the area on to what would be their present location. This technique allows for not only aesthetically pleasing cartography, but spatially accurate maps.


Female Navigators that Shaped Smith

3/31 Wednesday 12:30-1:15 recording, slides, and Q&A

To conclude Women in History month, we will feature the illustrated (and illustrative) category of maps: pictorial maps, through the works of Smith cartographers like Carolyn H. Galbraith. The conversation will draw upon other modes of viewing the campus, and more contemporary renditions by Smithies. Nanci Young, College Archivist, will treat us with maps from the Archives. 


Where in the World?! Finding Spatial Data

4/12 Monday 12:30-1:15 recording, data page (including slides), and Q&A 

Learn methods for finding, assessing, and transforming spatial data for class projects or research, including using field data and leveraging tabular data.