Gobble Gobble (Where Have the Tofurkeys Gone?)

Behold – the Fourth Annual Tofurkey Map reveal!

Our contributors stayed relatively local this year.

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! We wrapped up our Tofurkey Map with 115 views – including one fan from Ireland. There were 41 contributions to this crowd-sourced break destination map. Here are the superlatives:

  • Fanciest dish: wild rice, apple, and sausage stuffing 


  • Most encompassing dish: “All of it!”
  • Trendiest dish?: Vegan almond butter gravy (Here’s the recipe, for the culinarily curious)
  • Most practical activity: Yard work 
  • Healthiest activity: Doctor’s visit
  • Most poetic activity: Beach for shells

Can’t wait to see your plans for winter break when we launch our Snow Flake Map!