Coffee Mapping Project Results

The results from the coffee mapping project are in!

Click hereSV_SV_ER_Points_Buffers to visit the online interactive map application

Click here to view compiled maps in PDF form

The results contain maps like:

  • Line Density of Travel including Coffee Machine
  • Specific Visits to Coffee Machine
  • Combined Visits — organized by campus affiliation
  • Combined Visits — colored by distance traveled
  • Average Travel Distance & Maximum Travel Distance
  • Trends by Building — coffee preference
  • Trends by Building –– primary reason for visiting machine
  • Trends by Building — average number of years known about
  • Trends by Building — average number of visits per week

If you find yourself interested in working with this data set or adding your input to the maps — which exists in CSV, shapefile, feature class, and ArcGIS Online feature service formats —
please contact the Spatial Analysis Lab