Summer Science: Useful Links

Comparing aerial photos:

Google Imagery

Bing Imagery

If it doesn’t automatically load the Sattelite/Aerial imagery, find the option in the menu bar to switch to this view.

Questions to talk about with your partner:

  • What happens as you zoom in and out? Do the Bing and Google imagery adjust at the same zoom levels?
  • What season do you think the Google imagery is from? What about Bing?
  • Find an area of forest near Smith, MacLeish Field Station, or Avery Brook (can use the search bar to find your area), and zoom so that your Bing and Google windows show the same extent of the map. What inferences can you make about the forest types– can you find areas that are clearly deciduous forest, or clearly coniferous forest? Is the Bing or Google map more useful for examining the forest cover, and why?

Getting to Know GIS:

This PDF has step-by-step instructions!