April  2012

2012 Series, Vol. 1
Another Mystery Map / Game for the Smith College Community.

This Map is no longer a Mystery!


Directions and View Options

  1. Download high resolution Adobe PDF file for thoughtful analysis.
  2. Add some time to your analysis and play the animation (Quicktime Movie) – it may reveal a clue!  We find it easier to drag the playhead back and forth.
  3. Download and open a Google Earth KMZ file for thoughtful, dynamic and fun analysis

Hint #1: The Mystery is definitely associated with Northampton, MA,but you will find a few points in

  • Maine
  • Eastern Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • D.C.
  • Georgia (Atlanta area)
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Florida

Hint #2: One mystery map contestant noted that all the locations seem to be addresses or locations of where people live.  Hmm…


Special Thanks to Elena Terhune ‘ 14 for doing the heavy lifting to creating this map.

About the Mystery Map Series

Smith Mystery Maps are designed to promote Campus and Community Awareness and provide a fun and wholesome activity for map lovers. Several Mystery Maps and Map Games are developed each year and posted on the Spatial Analysis Lab website.

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