Info for Recommenders

Thank you for supporting an applicant for the Smith College Spatial Analysis Fellowship! This is an exciting opportunity for a graduating senior or recent graduate, and recommendation letters are an important part of our review and selection process. For complete information about the requirements for applicants, check out the How To Apply page.

Unfortunately, the Smith College HR Website is unable to accommodate letters of recommendation within the fellowship application form, as the site is not set up to keep uploaded letters blind to applicants. Therefore, this year we ask that you submit your letter of recommendation directly to the Selection Committee via email. Please send letters of recommendation to no later than February 15, 2014. Please include the name of the applicant who you are recommending in the subject line of the email; we will add your letter to her/his file and you will receive a response confirming that we have received your letter.

Please contact the Spatial Analysis Lab at with any questions or concerns about the recommendation letter submission process.