Rethinking Landscape

LSS300 ~ Spring 2012
5 Students
1 class meeting with plenty of outside meetings, group work.
Student Assistant: Naomi Barshi ’12

From the course catalog:

This capstone course in the study of the built environment brings history and theory alive for those students with expertise in such diverse fields as art, architecture, American studies, engineering, and the natural sciences. An interdisciplinary approach is taken to read a landscape for its invisibles, from its geological origins to its social implications. To what degree has a landscape been shaped by its physical circumstances, designers, and inhabitants? How does it reflect its cultural heritage and project biased meanings? How can landscape literacy enable a closer reading of the past in order to build a better future? Independent work, class discussion, and public speaking are emphasized. By permission of the instructor. Priority given to LSS minors, and seniors and juniors.

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Resources for Cultural Land Inventory

Site: Keney Park, Hartford, CT

GIS data: Historical Imagery, Natural Resource Data, Cultural Features

University of Connecticut

Data from Uconn may be downloaded for use in ArcGIS or other GIS software.

To get most benefit from the ESRI resources below, login with your Free universal account (or create one).  Data from ESRI sites may be used online or in some cases, downloaded for use in ArcGIS.
Historical GIS Data
Data from NHGIS may be downloaded for use in ArcGIS
Social Explorer offers online visualization tools.  Create, save, and download slideshows.
  • Social Explorer (contemporary and historic demographic data & visualization)
City of Hartford
The pdf maps were created with a GIS, so the digital data should be available.

Class Resources in the SAL


  • KeneyParkArea.mxd