Making Sense of the Pre-Columbian

FYS151 ~ Fall 2009
Instructor: Dana Leibsohn
16 Students
4 meetings

From the course catalog:

What is the pre-Columbian past, and how has it been constructed, reconstructed and represented ¿ both in antiquity and in the present? We will study sites famous today, such as Machu Picchu, and cultures such as the Maya, but also places and practices less well known, from Chaco Canyon to Nazca. Working with materials from across the Americas, this seminar will consider what is under excavation today and how archaeological practice produces knowledge of the past; how museums shape current thinking about pre-Columbian cultures; and how sacrifice and other ritual practices from the past have been interpreted across history. We will visit museum exhibitions, work with manuscript paintings, online archaeological and mapping data, and wrestle with political issues that bind the past to the present.

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