News Update: John Snow’s Map and World Populations Class

This semester has flown by– it’s hard to believe that Spring Break has already come and gone. Though much of what we do in the SAL is support classses on an ongoing basis throughout the semester (like ENV 201/202 and ARH 150), it is always fun to have the chance to work with classes for […]

March Mystery Map Solution

How did Caesar get through the Ides of March? How will you? If your answer to that question is “Caffeine Consumption,” then you’re not alone. One source estimates that 80-90% of adults in North America consume caffeine habitually. To draw attention to the prevalence of caffeine use in America, March has been designated as National Caffeine […]

March Mystery Map Released!

New Mystery Map: “The Ides of March” What do the green dots represent on the map? March is upon us, definitively storming in like a lion and hopefully quickly transitioning to lamb-like tendencies. March brings both the good and the bad: snow storms, mid-term exams, Spring Break, and St. Patrick’s Day, to name a few… […]

January Mystery Map Answer Released!

January Mystery Map: “Hear ye, hear ye!” What mystery variable is taking over the Smith College campus? The answer is: The mystery map shows the location of chalkings on the Smith College campus. Additionally, the color of each dot corresponds to the content of the chalking, which we classified into six categories: events on campus, inspirational […]

January Mystery Map released!

January Mystery Map: Hear ye, hear ye Hear ye, hear ye. Far and wide throughout the land we doth announce the first Mystery Map of the good year 2013… This map is special because it shows a Mystery Variable that is occurring right here on the Smith College campus. What could these enigmatic dots represent? […]

What and Why we Teach – Interdisciplinary GIS Position

One of Spatial Analysis Lab alums brought this cool job Interdisciplinary GIS Specialist  to my attention.  It certainly has all the ingredients for the type of student we teach at Smith, especially within the Environmental Science and Policy Program. Thanks Naomi !

December Mystery Map Solution

The answer is… These three time-lapse maps show the evolution of state legislation on three hot-button issues: marriage equality, medical marijuana, and commercial casinos. These three issues have been on ballots all over the country in the past decade, and have more in common than originally meets the eye. All three are currently legislated at […]

December Mystery Map Released!

December Mystery Map! This month, we bring you a three-part challenge! Interpret these three time-lapse animations to figure out what three factors are being mapped. Pay attention to the time clock that is counting in the top center of each map animation, as well as any other visual clues. They go from easy (easier…?) to […]

News Update: November 27, 2012

November was a busy month in the Smith Spatial Analysis Lab! (Aren’t they all…) At the start of the month, environmental justice was an academic theme. Since this area of sociology and environmental studies pulls in elements of demography, law and policy, natural resources, public health, and social justice, it is truly a rich subject […]

November Mystery Map Solved!

The answer is: The November Mystery Map showed the locations that non-motorists (pedestrians, bicyclists, etc) have been hit by cars in downtown Northampton. In this case, the data is from the year 2010, showing a complete snapshot of collisions during that year. In 2010, there were 23 reported collisions between motor vehicles and non-motorists, and according […]