Hannah’s Fall 2019 in Review

It’s been a busy SAL-mester here at the Spatial Analysis Lab!

We’ve had a number of exciting projects this fall. Currently, I’m collaborating with an emeritus faculty member to help create a map for his book. Earlier in the semester, I tried my hand at mapping some donation data from the Hot Chocolate Run, though it ended up being a much more complicated endeavor than anticipated–hopefully we’ll have that up and running soon! 

We also managed to host a few workshops and events for members of the Smith community and beyond:

Drone ethics Emma spearheaded our ongoing drone ethics effort in an incredibly thoughtful way. She wrote a preliminary code of ethics for drone usage on campus and hosted a workshop series to crowdsource suggestions for further development. She also created a beautiful story map that gives an overview of drone history and usage by the SAL.

GIS Day The SAL put together a GIS day program that drew members from Smith, the five colleges, and the community. We had an aerial drone cinematography film festival and discussion, cartouche prints, and a superb cake frosted with the Dymaxion projection. You can read more about our GIS day festivities (and get a peek at the cartographic cake!) here.

Crowdsourcing maps In November we hosted a crowdsourcing geographic data workshop, wherein we invited folks to come learn how to use Survey123 to collect data and map it. If you’re interested in learning how to make a crowdsourced map, let us know!

I’m looking forward to continuing the projects I’m working on and hopping in on some new ones next semester!


Until then,

Hannah Royce Davis